Springdale Update

By Elisanne McCutchen, Springdale resident

Mary Walker School District Levy

During the month of April, area residents will be able to vote again on the Mary Walker School District Levy. This levy, which is for $1.50/$1000 of assessed value, covers those staff and programs not funded by the State of Washington. It replaces the four year levy that was passed in 2017. This amount, lower than the previous levy, is actually the lowest amount that the School District can request and still receive $1.4 million in matching funds from the State. If voted down, five staff positions will be lost. While school administration has not yet determined which positions those will be, the cuts will definitely include teachers, thereby increasing class size. School sports and clubs will also be lost. The original levy vote failed and if this does as well, there will be no additional levy presented until 2022 due to state law. Unfortunately, the State of Washington has never funded Washington schools at 100% so school districts are left to come up with creative ways to ensure that their programs are funded as completely as possible. Vote YES for Mary Walker School District.

Retail Café by the Spring

Cafe by the Spring opened in downtown Springdale during the first week of March, 2021. Set in the building that sits between Lucky Duck Pond and the Camas Grange on Shaffer Avenue, Corrinne Waller opened a unique retail cafe which offers coffee and offerings from local artisans and vendors. You’ll find vintage furniture, unique clothing, crafts and jewelry. (Outdoor seating is in the works). And on April 8, the AirBnB will be open. I stopped in and picked up some delectable lemon cakes. I also spotted some very unusual and creative magnets that I’ll be scooping up for gift giving; and if I can set the money aside, there is a vintage painting I’ve got my eye on. It is great to see this new business open up in town, and I recommend stopping in! To contact owner Corrine Waller, email bbbythespring@gmail.com.

Brothers Bar Re-Opens with the addition of hot food

Brothers Bar also reopened the same week but with the addition of hot food. While not extensive, the sandwich menu has something for everyone, and I look forward to trying their French Dip or cheeseburger. Speaking of cheeseburgers…The Deer Park Quaranteam sponsored Brothers, and on March 10 there was a cheeseburger giveaway! Forty people got a free cheeseburger! Jeff Burris looks to be getting back to his former schedule and has karaoke scheduled for 8pm on Friday nights… so come on down and check it out! Now you can grab something yummy to eat while you are there!

Dog Vaccinations and Microchipping on April 17

On April, Dog Registration is 1/2 Price. Vaccinations and microchipping are also available. The Town of Springdale requires all dogs be registered, and that cost has increased for 2021. However, the Town Council has set aside one day a year when residents can register their dogs for HALF PRICE! This year that day is Saturday, April 17 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

For the first two dogs, the cost will be $7.50 each if they are neutered, or $12.50 if they are unaltered. The cost for registering additional dogs, that day only, will be $12.50 each if they are neutered, or $17.50 if they are unaltered. All dogs must have a valid rabies vaccine to be registered. Dr. Laura Talaga of Northeast Washington Spay/Neuter Alliance will be on hand that day from noon to 2pm to give rabies and other vaccines, provide flea meds and do microchipping. You do not need to be a town resident to have your dog seen by Dr. Laura.

Community-Wide Yard Sale on May 8
In a first for Springdale, there will be a Community-Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, May 8. Town residents can set up at their homes. Also available to town and county residents are 15′ x 15′ rentals spaces at Camas Valley Grange for just $5. Spaces include one table. Additional tables may be available to rent for $5. Both space and tables are limited so call Shannon Jacobsen 509-227-9881 to reserve a spot at The Grange or to have your Town of Springdale home address added to the map that will be given out to visitors.

I wish you great enjoyment of this beautiful spring weather!