Spring maintenance: 5 key things to inspect outside your home

When spring arrives, it’s important to inspect the exterior of your home to make sure it hasn’t been damaged over the winter.

Here are five key things you should check.

  1. The roof. A visual inspection from the ground or a window will indicate if immediate repairs are needed. In particular, look out for curled, wavy or missing shingles. Also, check the ceilings inside your house for signs of water infiltration.
  2. Gutters and spouts. Make sure they’re still firmly attached to the house and that nothing is blocking water from flowing through them. Remove any debris that’s accumulated over the winter.
  3.  Foundation. Examine the concrete for cracks or signs of water damage. Even the smallest fissure can cause big problems for your home. If you see any signs of degradation, schedule a repair as soon as possible.
  4. Balcony or patio. Clean your deck thoroughly and secure any loose boards. Wood patios should be stained every one to three years. If it needs to be done this spring, sand the surface and apply your chosen stain.
  5. Windows and doors. Check the caulking around each window and door, and replace it if necessary. Inspect wooden frames to make sure they don’t show signs of water infiltration or rot.

If you notice any major damage during your inspection, be sure to make the needed repairs.