Spring cleaning: are you forgetting to tidy these parts of your home?

To guarantee that this year’s spring cleaning is a success, target these four often-neglected areas of your home.

    1. Refrigerator. Remove everything from the fridge and throw out anything that’s past its expiration date. Take out shelves and drawers, scrub them using warm, soapy water and then replace them. Don’t use bleach or other strong cleaning products that shouldn’t come into contact with food.
    2.  Bedding. Wash your duvets, comforters and pillows in the washing machine using the gentle cycle. Run the rinse cycle twice to be sure all the soap is removed. If your machine isn’t big enough to fit a comforter or duvet, or you want to do it all at once, head to a local laundromat.
    3.  Blinds. Dust vinyl, aluminum or wood blinds with a vacuum or a microfiber duster on both sides. If there’s a buildup of dirt, wash with a sponge and a solution of water and vinegar.
    4.  Fabric shades can be vacuumed or brought to the dry cleaner.
    5.  Walls and ceilings. Remove cobwebs caught in the corners using a vacuum and wash the ceiling with an extendable sponge mop and slightly soapy water. Continue by cleaning the walls in the same way and giving the baseboards a good scrub.

Once you’re done, make it a point to re-clean these areas every few months. This will ensure your home is tidier throughout the year and minimize the amount of work to be done next spring.