South Stevens County Chamber offers free 3-day EntreLeadership Summit in May

It is finally spring! Time to get outside and walk or hike, ride your bike or work in the garden. It is also a good time to work on your business goals. We are excited to share an opportunity to participate in a local Livestream EntreLeadership Summit event which will be held in May at Camp Gifford in Loon Lake, WA.  The event is free to members of South Stevens County Chamber of Commerce.

Is the summit for you? “EntreLeadership Summit is for business owners and senior leaders. Over 40% of attendees return year after year, and it’s no wonder why. This event is your annual leadership shot-in-the-arm—taught by men and women who know how to lead well and move businesses forward. The experience is world-class, the leadership lessons are solid gold, and you’ll leave with a path to move your leadership and business to the next level! You deserve to win in business, and EntreLeadership Summit is THE event to keep you focused and fueled up so your leadership keeps moving forward. If you want an incredible company culture, team members who are productive and act like owners, and a clear path to move your business forward, Summit is where you’ll learn these lessons—and more. It’s time to pull yourself out of your business and lead like never before. Learn from the best to be your best.”

When?  Monday, May 17 – Wednesday, May 19 —  9am – 5pm

Where? Camp Gifford on Deer Lake

The Chamber has purchased a livestream to the EntreLeadership Summit. While the Summit is taking place in Tennessee, a Livestream will be set up in the Pavilion Room at Camp Gifford on Deer Lake to watch the live summit. We will have tables and chairs set up to accommodate up to 75 participants. This is an opportunity for business owners, leaders, and potential leaders to learn from successful CEOs, including Dave Ramsey, Patrick Lencioni, Marcus Buckingham, Simon Sinek, Craig Groeschel, Christy Wright, Chris Hogan, Ken Coleman, and Dr. John Delony while getting to know other local business leaders.

Will there be food and beverages? Yes! There will be coffee, food, snacks, and beverages available. Outdoor picnic tables will be set up outside the meeting room for lunch and breaks and to visit with other area leaders.

How to reserve a seat:  To reserve your seat, email or complete the registration form on the South Stevens County Chamber Facebook page.


Who is South Stevens County Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is a 501c6 non-profit organization serving the communities of Clayton, Loon Lake, Deer Lake, Ford, Hunters, Springdale and Valley. We are here to provide resources, events and opportunities to connect with other businesses in your community. The Chamber operation relies on membership dues, fundraising and grants. We were fortunate to receive a state grant last year which enabled us to hire an office assistant to help a struggling Chamber gain momentum in getting to know our local businesses, organizing, and staying active on social media.  To join your local Chamber, complete a membership application

and survey
. Membership is $30 per year.


South Stevens County Chamber meets monthly on the second Thursday at 11:00am.  Generally, there is a guest speaker at every meeting. There is also a chance for every participant to give a 2-minute update about their business, which is published in the Loon Lake Times business section.


At the March meeting, there were three guest speakers: Brandon Hansen, Brett Joachim and Amber

Brandon Hansen has taken on a new position as the Regional Economic Development Specialist at TEDD. Brandon is a first point of contact for questions and business needs. Prior to this position, Brandon has worked for four years with the Chewelah Independent newspaper and will continue working part-time as a freelance reporter. Brandon explained that the primary focus of TEDD is the expansion and retention of businesses and attracting new businesses to the area, as well as facilitating any information needs and working with government entities and policies that could help with economic growth. Brandon is also working with L&I to determine how to make businesses resilient to COVID restrictions. If your small business has financial needs, be sure to ask about TEDD’s small business loans and the Working Washington Phase 4 Grant application.


Brett Joachim, the principal at Springdale Jr. High School, lives in Loon Lake and was born and raised in Valley. Brett discussed the recent levy failure for Mary Walker School District. The levy failed by 29 votes, 48.07% yes, 51.93% no. There is another chance for voters to pass the levy on April 27. The new Levy asks for $1.50 per $100,000 assessed property value, which maximizes the Local Effort Assistance from the state, formally called Levy Equalization. Over the course of four years, $1.4 million would come in to support the district with Student Learning & Staffing, Instructional Supports, Athletics & Activities, Operations & Maintenance, and Health & Safety. Watch for a flyer in the mail that describes the levy in more detail. Loon Lake Times will also post more information on Facebook.


Life Flight has been around since 1978 and is now the largest non-profit air ambulance program in the nation. Life Flight is owned by four Pacific Northwest hospitals: Legacy Emmanuel Hospital, Oregon Heath Science University, Providence, and St. Alfonso Hospital. Service area is throughout Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho, with 26 bases. Right now there are 36-38 helicopters, 10 fixed wing, and one jet. The cost of being transported is about $37,000 per flight. The cost for each helicopter is approximately four million dollars with an intelligence system on each aircraft that’s worth about two million dollars, which includes night vision technology. The aircraft travel up to 175 miles per hour with a maximum distance of 200 miles. Helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are staffed with a senior-level nurse and paramedic. Pilots must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of flight time upon applying for their position. On each helicopter, there are two units of human blood and a balloon pump team for cardiac patients. Last month the decision was made to begin carrying plasma which helps with transfusions. Amber Hanes-Miller, of Life Flight, says to think of Life Flight as more of an ICU in the air rather than an ambulance as they do the invasive skills you would encounter in the ICU.


Life Flight Membership costs $69 per year. Here’s the difference between Life Flight Members and Non-Members: For those that are members and in need of a transport, Life Flight bills your insurance and whatever insurance doesn’t pay will be written off. If a non-member needs transport, Life Flight bills your insurance and whatever insurance doesn’t pay, the non-member will be billed. Life Flight offers one, two and five year memberships, in addition to lifetime memberships, which also include reciprocity through other service areas. All this information can be found on their website at Chamber members (and employers with a group contract) receive a $10 discount per year. Chamber members can email for an application.


Chamber Brochure, Membership & Survey

Please stop by Loon Lake Library to fill out the business survey! All surveys received by April 30 will be entered in our raffle for a gift certificate to a local eatery.

Chamber memberships cost $30 per year, and the more people involved, the stronger we are going to be as a team helping the local economy and local businesses. If you live or work or do business in South Stevens County, please consider becoming a member of this Chamber to help us build the momentum needed to grow tourism and build a stronger local economy.


New South Stevens County “Welcome” Brochure.
SSCC is starting the process of developing an updated Stevens County welcome magazine that can be provided to new residents and people wanting to start a business in the area. If you’d like to help, please contact us at


Two-minute business highlight:
Kristie Smith works with Rural Resources Victim Services, which is an agency that serves three counties: Stevens, Ferry, and Lincoln. Rural Resources assists survivors of crime and April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Awareness Month. In the next month, Rural Resources will be out in the community with yard signs, bumper stickers, and just connecting with anyone in the Tri-County area that they serve regarding those issues.


Next Meeting.
The next Chamber meeting will be held Thursday, May 13 at 11:00 a.m. on Zoom.  Visit the Facebook page for a link or email