Silver Beach Resort (Waitts Lake) goes private


By Ashlee Gilbert, Reporter


Silver Beach Resort opened on Waitts Lake over 50 years ago. This gorgeous little lake is four miles off Hwy 395, in the town of Valley, Wash. Locals and tourists alike have been returning year after year to try their odds at catching fish, spending time on the beach, or vacationing in a nice little cabin. Fishing season is already off to a great start; people are catching good sized German brown and rainbow trout from the dock. The fishing should only improve over the next few months as Waitts lake gets stocked by Fish and Game.

Owners Greg and Tammy Garves were raised in Spokane, Wash. When Silver Beach went up for sale four years ago, their family, who frequented the resort, were quick to let them know. The garves packed up their corporate lifestyle and moved north to enjoy semi-retirement. Who doesn’t want to retire at the beach?!



2020 Adjustments


Last year, the Garves completely remodeled their business structure, like so many other local businesses, to conform to the new COVID-19 guidelines. While many businesses closed their doors, the Garves decided to try something new. They implemented a remote check in process, restricting public access areas (restrooms, bathhouse etc.) to single use only; enforced masks indoors; increased cleaning frequencies; postponed group campground activities; and created a new way to social distance on the beach while allowing people to enjoy the amenities. They sectioned off 10-foot sections on the beach and fishing docks and assigned guests to their own safe area. The Garves even started shopping for patrons and delivering goods to their site or cabin. Guests, of course, helped to keep things moving smoothly by washing hands, sanitizing, and being patient while the owners made adjustments to their operations.


New in 2021

This year, the Garves are more informed and comfortable with the requirements and have a solid strategy in place. One major change at the resort this year will be closing off public entry to the resort. They feel this will better serve seasonal guests and provide a safe, fun, and family-friendly environment. They offer three types of memberships: 1) boat slips, 2) seasonal boat launch, and 3) full access to the resort for swimming and fishing. The season runs from April 1 through September 30, and each membership gives guests unlimited daily access according to their type of membership.



The store, on the other hand, will remain open to the public. They are in the process of installing gates with call buttons on all the entrances to the park. Guests can simply push the button, get buzzed in and head into the store for some ice cream, groceries, propane, gifts, and souvenirs, or an espresso from the coffee bar.




Message from the Garves

As the summer season begins to set it, the Garves realize you could vacation anywhere. That’s why they are working hard to create a place where you can’t wait to return year after year. While change can be hard for some, the switch to becoming a private resort is the right decision for Waitts lake and the surrounding neighbors for many reasons: The beach and docks will be more easily accessible to the locals; there will be less traffic coming and going through the streets surrounding the lake; and the guests and employees will have the peace of mind that there will be a spot for them to relax their worries away.


For pricing and availability call
Silver Beach Resort at (509)937-2811
3323 Waitts Lake Road
Valley, WA 99181