Shore Acres Resort – A Grand Re-Opening June 1st

By Loren Grube, Publisher, Loon Lake Times

Shore Acres Resort is having their grand reopening on Saturday, June 1, from noon – 5 PM. The celebration will include live music, free hot dogs, prizes, free day use of the resort, and much more! A raffle will be held with prizes and gift baskets – all to benefit the Loon Lake Food Bank.

Shore Acres Resort is located on the western shores of Loon Lake, at 41987 Shore Acres Road. First established in 1946, the resort has been a vacation spot where families have spent summers splashing, fishing, boating, and making memories, including the Byrnes family. Katy and Jim Byrnes, new owners of the resort, just didn’t realize until recently just how many of their family were tied to this place, starting in 1946!

During the summers from 1972-2007, Jim’s family had an RV parked at Shore Acres Resort. In 1980, Jim’s dad, Dave Byrnes, nearly bought the place, but instead purchased a home in Shore Acres Estates behind the resort.

Katys grandparents at shore acres


Just recently, Katy’s grandfather stopped by for a visit, and Katy excitedly told him they had purchased the resort. To that, her grandfather replied, “Shore Acres Resort on Loon Lake?” It was a goosebumps moment when she learned that her grandparents spent their honeymoon at Shore Acres in 1946 (pictured above), the year the resort was built. She also learned that her grandfather’s uncle John had helped to construct the cabins on the property.


Jim’s sister Lizzie grew up, along with her siblings (Jim, Sarah, Jane and Luke), enjoying summers at Shore Acres. She lived in Loon Lake for two years and worked at Loon Lake Health Clinic before her tragic car accident (at the corner of Hwy. 395 and Dahl Rd.). Katy said Lizzie “would have clapped her hands and done a happy dance to know that the resort is now a true part of her family.” They will be renaming the café in her honor – Lizzie’s Loon Lake Café, opening soon! Their plan is to also have a special place of tribute for her with pictures hung around the property.

Jim and Katy, and their family, are busy cleaning up the resort and making lots of improvements along the way. The convenience store will have new t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops. They will also have penny candy, fresh brewed coffee, and lots more!

When you arrive at the resort, the surroundings will immediately put you at ease. There are eight rustic cabins, and four lakefront apartments. They offer RV sites, beach day use, and boat rentals. There is a kids’ playground and sandy beach with beautiful views of the lake, hills, pine trees, and wildlife.

Make your reservations early by calling 233-2474 or by visiting You may also email with any questions. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and be sure to stop by for their Grand Reopening on June 1, 2019!

“The Byrnes family is humbled and beyond excited to continue the legacy that is Shore Acres Resort,” says Katy. “We hope all of you find time this summer to come swim, fish, play, and make new memories with your family and friends!”

(published in May/June 2019 print edition of Loon Lake Times)