Making a Difference: Community Supports Mary Walker Seniors

By Susan Bradford

Together, we DO make a difference! Recently, I have written articles focused on ways we can help local organizations. I believe these kinds of articles can help connect volunteers, add to fund raising efforts, and enhance our community. There is so much value in giving back to our own community, and investing in making our own town a great place to live; it is nearly immeasurable.

“The recent textiles drive hosted by the Mary Walker parents group was a tremendous success,” said one involved parent, Josie Rippey. They received more than 500 bags of donations, and about 60 boxes of donated hardware items. This great community response means they have raised over $1,600 toward graduation night prizes and gift items. The seniors are going to be very happy graduates!

If you are participating with a group, fundraiser, or donation event in Stevens County, please let me know. There is so much territory to cover that I could use help in knowing all the great things going on! Email