Citizen Spotlight: Jody Smith
A ‘giving spirit’ not just during the holidays

Phyllis D. Slayton

With Christmas just around the corner, most of us are getting into the spirit of giving in line with the holidays – putting Christmas presents under the tree, giving to our favorite charity or cause, and helping those in need. However, there are those among us who by their very nature have a giving spirit every day of the year. One such individual we’d like to shine a light on this month is Jody Smith, a UPS driver in South Stevens County.

The South Stevens County Times received an email from Loon Lake resident Linda Lake suggesting we highlight Jody in an article, and we jumped on the opportunity. Here’s an excerpt from Lake’s email “It is not only my opinion but opinions of many others that this [UPS] driver should be recognized above and beyond for excellent service. Our driver is not only a standout in service, but her kindness is immeasurable. Without question, without being asked and without wanting recognition. Let’s get a positive vibe sent out there, especially at this holiday season. She is a true inspiration every day with kindness!”

Jody Smith has lived in South Stevens County her entire life and has driven for UPS since 2006. A recent Facebook post about “UPS Jody” resulted in a social media outpouring of accolades similar to those of Linda Lake. There were over 300 “likes” and comments made over the past six months in appreciation for Jody’s thoughtfulness. The post on South Stevens County Times’ Facebook page itself received 30 likes, 22 comments and 2 shares.

Here’s just one of those comments: “Jody is the best! We love Jody! She is amazing! She is awesome, friendly and what great service! Jody is absolutely the best – we love her!”

If you know Jody, you will also agree that she is the last person to seek attention for her kindness. She takes the time to get to know her customers and truly cares about them – and she goes out of her way to ensure their packages are delivered thoughtfully and carefully. When she sees a need (any need) on her daily routes, she often responds on her time off to help without question, like she did recently (but asked us to leave out the details). She is a true example of the ‘spirit’ of giving – of herself, her time, and genuine compassion for others.