Cabin Fever Quilt Guild donating quilts to fire victims

Loren Grube, Publisher


Have you ever made a quilt or wanted to learn how? It’s not an easy task, but many talented women in the South Stevens County area enjoy getting together with friends and joining groups to make beautiful quilts. The Cabin Fever Quilt Guild of South Stevens County is such a group. This group of about 25-30 women meet in Valley once a month at the District 4 fire station. But they don’t just make the quilts for themselves, they also make them to support their local community — for example, to help those who have lost their home due to fire.


Current President Mary Sieler,  and member Linda Downing, said the guild is  trying to locate fire victims in the area who lost their home due to the August 2021 Ford-Corkscrew fire.  They are eager to donate a handmade quilt to each of them, and have gifted just a couple quilts so far.


“The quilts are like a warm hug around someone who lost their home,” Sieler said. “This is something that we can do to help our local community, and we’re eager to find the rest of the victims.”


The Ford-Corkscrew fire burned throughout the month of August and spread over 15,000 acres, destroying nearly 30 homes in the Rail Canyon area, according to Fire Chief Mike Bucy. The perimeter of the fire stretched from Ford up to West Rail Canyon, east to Scoop Mountain, south to Tum Tum and then back over to Ford. You can see a map and further details on Fire District 1’s Facebook page.


If you know a fire victim who lost their home, please contact us at or 509-703-0352 with a way to reach the family, and we will forward that information to the Cabin Fever Quilt Guild.The Guild wants to provide a quilt not only to the parents, but to each child  as well, so please include names and ages of the children so that they can provide the appropriate quilt size. Sieler said there is already a stack of quilts ready to donate.


The Cabin Fever Quilt Guild also makes quilts for newborn babies in South Stevens County. There are no other qualifications except that the newborn’s parents reside in South Stevens County. If you would like to claim your free quilt, please email or text 509-703-0352.


The Cabin Fever Quilt Guild of South Stevens County meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. at the Stevens County District 4 Fire Station (3060 3rd Street, Valley, WA).