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Our model has always been 100% saturation – a newspaper delivered to every mailbox in the communities we serve. In 1986, a FREE paper went out to every mailbox in Loon Lake/Deer Lake (99148). Now, every mailbox in Clayton (99110), Springdale (99173,) Valley (99181), Ford (99013), Hunters (99137), Fruitland (99129), Nine Mile Falls (99026) and Tum Tum (99034) – 9,500 mailboxes – receive a FREE paper! Our goal is to reach all of the unincorporated areas in South Stevens County. Wellpinit is next on the radar. 

The newspaper provides a continual method of communication to South Stevens County for important news, reports, updates, business advertising and uplifting content for the region. 

Your donation of $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 or more will help us cover more local stories and regional news and hire needed support staff.  Thank you for considering a donation of any amount today to help us continue growing and improving local reporting for South Stevens County.

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