All About Stevens County Times

Stevens County Times is a free newspaper with a circulation of 12,000, reaching 9,700 mailboxes and distributed to all of Stevens County. From Nine Mile Falls up to Northport and from Hunters and Rice over to Clayton and Chewelah, SCT provides readers with inspiring community stories, thorough reporting on relevant issues, important public service announcements, a calendar of upcoming events, and many other features to connect, inform, and inspire readers each month.


First founded as the Loon Lake Times in 1986 by Lorinda Travis, this newspaper started as a 2-4 page newsletter that went out twice per year to Loon Lake residents. In 2008, DeAnna Pelan took over, adding visual enhancements and growing the content to 12 pages with bi-monthly delivery to every mailbox in Loon Lake pus area newsstands.

“”Community support was fantastic,” Pelan said. “Without enthusiastic folks giving us information and advertiers’ support, the paper wouldn’t exist.” When Pelan retired in 2015, Loren Grube jumped at the opportunity, knowing how much the community loved its newspaper.

Carrying forward the vision of the prior publisher, Grube continued bi-monthly delivery to Loon Lake residents with the goal of improving the quality of the newspaper with every edition. Her vision grew to eventually deliver a free paper to every mailbox in the unincorporated communities of Stevens County. She soon added contributors and reporters and an online presence.

In 2020, Grube expanded delivery to nine neighboring communities and distribution grew from 2,200 to 11,000 – with 9,700 direct mail deliveries in ten rural communities in South Stevens County, all unincorporated except Springdale. It was all free to our readers, fully supported by advertising.

“In our rural region with high rates of poverty and major internet and cell phone connectivity limitations, the SCT plays a critical role in the equitable distribution of quality public health and safety information, as well as local community stories that keep neighbors connected, informed and inspired,” says Grube.

In 2021, Grube changed the name from Loon Lake Times to South Stevens County Times to give it a more local feel to the expanded reader base. Now, at the beginning of 2024, she has expanded farther north to include all of Stevens County, with the new name reflecting the expansion.

“I like to see things grow and develop, and I’m always looking for ways to improve this publication. When Marsha Michaelis joined our reporting team last year to cover county news, we saw an opportunity to expand distribution to north Stevens County where she resides and include more local stories from that area as well,” said Grube.


The Stevens County Times will continue to be delivered to every mailbox in the 10 rural communities it currently serves, while expanding newsstand distribution with 2-3,000 complimentary copies going out to 125 local businesses, libraries and newsstands. This adds up to a total circulation of more than 12,000–about one quarter of Stevens County’s residents.

“We hope to increase this circulation even more by making this newspaper one of the best resources out there for relevant, helpful and interesting content about the life, times, businesses, people and governance of Stevens County,” said reporter Marsha Michaelis. “Local newspapers have a long tradition of serving their communities by keeping neighbors connected, keeping government accountable, and shedding light on important topics.”

The SCT may be looking for new reporters in the northern part of the county in coming months, and Grube has an interest in training young writers in the important skills of journalism.

“It’s exciting to expand our coverage to all of Stevens County,” said reporter Phyllis D. Slayton. “Wonderful people and history, fun community events, diverse wildlife, and spectacular country provide endless interesting stories for our readership.”

Residents in north Stevens County can find copies of the Stevens County. Times in newsstands at Walmart, Safeway, and Super 1 in Colville, and Harvest Foods in Kettle Falls. Several other local businesses have also agreed to keep stacks for customers. “We’re really thankful to the managers and owners of these businesses for their support of local publications in our area and the space they’re sharing with SCT!” said Michaelis.

Residents can subscribe to the publication for $45/year to receive a copy directly to their mailbox each month and those interested in advertising can contact SCT at (509) 703-0352 (phone/text) or

“Advertisers have great benefits from our coverage, and they make our newspaper possible,” said Grube. “Our local businesses are an important part of what keeps us together as a community, in more ways than one!”

“Thank you to our supporters and advertisers who make it possible for us to showcase Stevens County and allow us to spotlight the amazing organizations, businesses, and residents who call it home,” said reporter Lisa Tyson. “Your generosity directly enables us to keep the community well-informed and ensures that we continue to be a beacon of light and a valuable resource. Your support is the cornerstone of our success, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve and connect with our wonderful communities. Thank you for making a difference and being an integral part of the Stevens County Times family.”

If you’d like to join our team in the areas of reporting, accounting, editing, AD sales, or social media, or would like to subscribe or advertise, contact Loren Grube at or call (509) 703-0352. SCT will publish a newspaper every month from March – December 2024 on the first Tuesday of the month.

Our Mission

In our rural region with high rates of poverty and major internet and cell phone connectivity limitations, the South Stevens County Times plays a critical roll in the equitable distribution of quality public health and safety information, as well as local community stories that keep neighbors connected, uplifted, and inspired. 

With free delivery to over 9,500 mailboxes and 125 businesses across South Stevens County, more than any other small regional paper, regardless of a household’s ability to pay a subscription, the South Stevens County Times is committed to inclusively keeping all of our citizens connected and informed with quality reporting. Advertisers make it possible!

If we don’t tell our stories, who else will? Help keep our communities connected, informed, and vibrant with a donation or advertisement to the South Stevens County Times today!

Now Printing 11,000 Copies Monthly

9,700 Copies

South Stevens County Times is growing and improving to meet the needs of the residents, businesses and organizations in South Stevens County. We deliver a free newspaper to every mailbox in 10 rural communities in South Stevens County. Our goal is to eventually reach every mailbox in every unincorporated community in the county.

2,000 Copies

Complementary copies are distributed to area newsstands from N. Spokane to Northport. Paid subscribers also receive a copy directly to their mailbox each month.

100% Saturation

We are the only newspaper that delivers a full color newspaper to every resident and business in 10 rural communities (Loon Lake, Deer Lake, Clayton, Springdale, Valley, Ford, Tum Tum, Hunters, Fruitland and Nine Mile Falls) – that’s  9,700 mailboxes monthly. In addition, about 2,000 complementary copies are delivered to 125 businesses, libraries and newsstands from North Spokane to Northport and over to Lincoln County.  SCT will be reaching Ferry and Pend Orielle soon.

100% Local

Many residents retain their paper and read the Stevens County Times  (formerly Loon Lake Times and South Stevens County Times) cover to cover. Why? We believe it is because our newspaper is all about the local and regional community, written by local reporters who live, dine and recreate in the communities they report on. And people love to read about their friends and neighbors.

100% Value

A dollar goes further with the South Stevens County Times because a lot of our readership have more dollars to spend with advertisers. With seasonal residents at Loon Lake, and Nine Mile Falls, your advertising dollars go a long way.

Above & Beyond

The Stevens County Times supports several non-profit organizations and events through sponsored and greatly reduced advertising prices.




WE APPRECIATE the support of our advertisers. Without you, we would not exist!  Businesses and organizations who bring their marketing to Stevens County Times make it possible for our community to enjoy news and events on a regular basis.  To advertise in our next edition, please check the “Advertise” section, email us at or give us a call/text at (509) 703-0352


Interesting stories, thoughtful contemplation and thorough research are just some of the benefits our many contributors and local reporters provide to Stevens County Times readers.  


We appreciate each of their many articles and stories, supplied to help you know more about the area in which we all live. 

Brand strategy

From events to government our local community is busy and on-the-move, providing ample news, events and activities.  We work very hard to keep up with all that is happening, but truly appreciate our community input and welcome you all to let us know what is happening in your area.  You are invited to submit your articles or events to us at any time.  Just call (509) 703-0352 or email us at