89th Annual Valley Community Fair

By Phyllis Slayton, Valley Reporter

On August 14, the normally quiet town of Valley exploded with visitors to the 89th Valley Community Fair. During the parade, the streets were four to five people deep around the entire town. Even with 97-degree smoke-filled air from surrounding wildfires, fun was had by all. It was wonderful to see, especially after last year’s fair had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The new Exhibit Hall was filled for the first time with judging submissions from handcrafts to art to gardener’s delights. Horses, cattle, goats, pigs, and dogs were all on display and in competition.


The Little White Schoolhouse was a popular spot with a peek-a-boo tour of current renovations, including a new walkway ramp and front porch built by Jesse Klemish. Melissa Silvio of the Valley Historical Society presented children with mini apples donated by Safeway along with information about the historical project.


It was an exciting two-day event coordinated by the Valley Community Fair Association, with loving oversight by Chairwoman Theresa Franks Carr, who stated, “the Fair Association would like to thank the many, many volunteers, businesses, groups and landowners for making this year’s event a successful one.”


Valley Community Fair Winners
Agriculture (Fruit & Vegetables): Best of Show
Adult – Melissa Ray
Youth – Lillian Ray
Largest Sunflower 4-H – Makito Helle
Superintendent’s Choice – Hailey Klemish
Fine Arts:
Adult – Betsy Kessler
Youth – no entries
Superintendent’s Choice – Kaitlyn Graham
Adult – Glen Colvin
Youth – Jade Reber
Superintendent’s Choice – Rachel Kenney
Adult – Jesse Klemish
Youth – no entries
Superintendent’s Choice
– John Moddrell
Adult – Brianna Ingram
Youth – no entries
Adult – Forest Byerly
Youth – Kylea Fitzgerald
Superintendent’s Choice
– Bailey Ingram
Most Original Youth Craft
– Bailey Ingram
Special Projects:
Adult – Alexis Reber
Youth – Kaden Schwartz
Superintendent’s Choice
– Kaden Schwartz
Adult – Sarah Saffer
Youth – Mikenna Fixel
Superintendent’s Choice
– Indigo Kennedy
Wearable Art:
Adult – Marneita Cools
Youth – Hailey Klemish
Superintendent’s Choice
– Andrea McNab
Fleece & Fiber:
Adult – Phyllis Fitzgerald
Youth – Hannah Axtell
Superintendent’s Choice
– Becky Clarke
Adult – Sarah Saffer
Superintendent’s Choice
– Amy Buche
Food Preservation:
Adult – Marneita Cools
Youth – Milayna Hartill
Superintendent’s Choice
– Lillian Ray
Adult – Barbara Murray
Youth – Milayna Hartill
Superintendent’s Choice/Best Decorated Cake – Kallie Evers
Adult – Theresa Carr
Youth – Lillian Ray
Superintendent’s Choice
– Margaret Hogan
Natural Resources:
Adult – Renae Fitzgerald
Youth – no entries
Superintendent’s Choice
– Phyllis Fitzgerald
Educational Posters:
Youth – Areanna Balcom
Superintendent’s Choice
– Lillian Dean
Fit & Show
Grand – Serenity Dean
Grand – Lillian Dean
Grand – Serenity Dean
Reserve – Lillian Dean
Poultry/Water Fowl:
Fit & Show
Grand – Tristan Otter
Reserve – Emma Evers
Grand – Todd Belliveau
Reserve – Kaden Schwartz
Fit & Show – Madison Balcom
Conformation – Ellie Mae Hollingshead
Fit & Show
Senior Grand – Adelyn Jackson
Junior Grand – Hutson Madaff
Fit & show
Sr. Grand Champion – Brook House
Int. Grand Champion – Dillion House
Int. Reserve Champion – Wyatt McCollough
Fit & Show
Grand Champion – David Jabaay
Reserve Champion – Wyatt Taylor
Market Steer Grand – Cameron Dell
Market Steer Reserve- Lilly Rost
Top Female Beef- Paityn Deardoff
Sr. Grand – Madelyn Hein
Sr. Reserve Grand – Samantha Balcom
Int. Grand – JayTee Sargent
Int. Reserve – Wyatt Hill
Jr. Grand – Nicole Motteshard
Jr. Reserve – Orson Motteshard
PreNovice Grand – Keely Wilson
PreNovice Reserve – Annalee
Advanced Novice Grand – Samantha Balcom
Light Horses:
Outstanding 4-H Youth Buckle Award – Brook House
Pee Wee – Chloe Lyons and Kamryn Payne
Junior – Gracie Person
Intermediate – Bree Paxton
Senior – Kaylynn Lyons
Western Riding
Pee Wee – Chloe Lyons (Self)
– Kamryn (Leading
Junior – Riley Dee Phelps
Intermediate – Ava Montgomery
Senior – Zoe Montgomery
Western Equitation
Pee Wee – Chloe Lyons (Self)
– Alexandra Payne (Leading)
Junior – Reegan Hennessy
Intermediate – Ava Montgomery
Senior – Zoe Montgomery
Western Pleasure
Pee Wee – Case Holden (Leading)
Junior – Riley Dee Phelps
Intermediate – Ava Montgomery
Senior – Samantha Balcom
Pee Wee – Chloe Lyons
Junior – Reegan Hennessy
Intermediate – Tierra Kaiser
Senior – Kaylynn Lyons
Fun Run 5K Race
Overall(Male)-Levi Spencer 21:03
Overall(Female)-Brittany Katzer 20:40
0-14 Bradyn Payne
15-19 – no entries
20-29 — no entries
30-39 — no entries
40-49 — Cody Katzer
50-59 — Hugh Franks
60-over William Johnson (81)
0-14 — no entries
15-19– no entries
20-29– no entries
30-39–Amanda Brown
40-49–Avery Thomason
50-59– no entries
60-over–Christine Hayman
Kiddie Races
1/4 mile race (age 0-7)
Waylon Katzer
Christian Tackett
Sophia Tackett
1/2 mile race (age 8-12)
Cash Katzer & Noah Spencer (tie)
Best Royalty – NE Washington Fair (Vehicle) – Springdale Rodeo – (Horse) Andrea Wellhausen
Best Horses – Alaska and Alex
Best vehicle (Private) – Ken Grimm
Best Vehicle (Farm)-Fred Edwards
Best Decorated Truck or Trailer – Valley Historical Society
Best Group- Warriors Against Cancer
Best vehicle (commercial) – Fitzgerald Excavating
Other – Stevens County Fire Department District 4
Judges Choice – Denny and Doug Dawson – In Loving Memory of Dawn
Youth Entries
– Jacob and Revey Swiger
– Fun with VELC
– Cutest little goats Cindy and Chai
– The Hawaiian Girls
89th Annual TICKET (AKA “Button) Drawing Winners:
$100.00 – Kylea Fitzgerald (Sponsored by Hansen Logging)
Tablet – David Carr (In memory of Scottie)
Tie Dye Contest:
1st – Hailey Klemish
2nd – Dillon House
3rd – Tie – Kendall and Harper Ingram
Wooden Horse Race
Akiala Luna
Coloring Contest: Sponsored by CF Plumbing
2-4 – Juniper Belliveau
5-6 – Afton Daily
7-8 – Layla Binder
9-10- Miley Cliett
Fruit of The Season Pie Contest:
1st – Sandra Tackett
2nd – Sheila Anderson
3rd – Dorie Robinson
Hog Bid Winner
Julie Borst
Exhibitor Drawing Winners
1:30 Doreen Kenney
2:00 Emily Graham
2:30 Jason Dixon-Theresa Franks Carr
3:00 Danica Toner
3:30 Melissa Ray