Paideia High School senior shows off her artistic talents

By Phyllis D. Slayton, Reporter


Remember the name Seleana Capoeman-Yniguez (pronounced Ka-po-man In-e-giz). This 17-year-old senior at Paideia High School, in Valley, is an up-and-coming artist of some note. Seleana has been drawing since she was four with crayons, eventually moving on to pen and ink and watercolor. She has been developing her own style, and a bit of a rebel when wanting to do it her way. “I actually had a teacher who didn’t like how good I was and insisted I did it their way, but my artwork turned out even better. So I would say 99% of my art is pure enjoyment, with 1% spite as a motivator,” Seleana said with a grin.

Art work by Seleana Capoeman-Yniguez
Art work by Seleana Capoeman-Yniguez
Art work by Seleana Capoeman-Yniguez


Born and raised in Chewelah, Seleana has attended Paideia for all four years of high school and Valley School previously. She is primarily self-taught, but when she gets stuck on a hand or a face she might find a tutorial to assist or watch some of her favorite artists on YouTube like Emily Artful. Her school art classes have helped as well. Currently, Seleana is working on a senior class project that involves developing a detailed storyline and creating several characters with a finished product drawn in comic form. It will be an original creation by Seleana. Her Art teacher Miss Jackson-Selle said, “She’s very open about her opinions, which is similar to myself and I like that.”


When asked about her self-portrait with a wolf (pictured), Seleana commented, “Wolves are seen as mysterious, which is how many people who don’t know me see me… but it is also, in a way, symbolic to being a spirit animal. The whole self-portrait really has nods to me and my heritage. The trees are native to the coastal area where my Indian tribe Quinault resides.”


Seleana definitely sees art in her future after graduation and hopes for an art scholarship in Spokane. After witnessing Paideia High School staff and teacher’s encouragement during this interview, there is no doubt of Seleana Capoeman-Yniguez’s future successes.

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